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Huvard, H., Talbot, R. M., Mason, H., Thompson, A. N., Ferrara, M., & Wee, B. (2020). Science Identity and Metacognitive Development in Undergraduate Mentor Teachers. International Journal of STEM Education 7, (31).
Purtell, A., Talbot, R.M., & Moore, M. (2020) Barriers to Learning Assistant Engagement: An Investigation into Student Encounters Learning Assistants Find Challenging and
Developing Training to Navigate Those Challenges. Journal of College Science Teaching 49(6), 23-29.
Thompson, A.N., Talbot, R.M., Doughty, L., Huvard, H., Le, P., Hartley, L., & Boyer, J. (2020) Development and application of the Action Taxonomy for Learning Assistants (ATLAs). International Journal of STEM Education. 7(1).
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Select Conference Proceedings

Doughty, L., Hartley, L., Le, P., Nyaema, M., Boyer, J., & Talbot, R. M., III. (2018). Investigating the relationship between active learning task characteristics and student success. In A. Traxler, Y. Cao, & S. Wolf (Eds.), Physics Education Research Conference 2018. Washington, DC.
Talbot, R. M., Doughty, L., Nasim, A., Hartley, L., Le, P., Kramer, L., … Boyer, J. (July 20-21, 2016). Theoretically Framing a Complex Phenomenon: Student Success in Large Enrollment Active Learning Courses. In D. L. Jones, L. Ding, & A. Traxler (Eds.), 2016 PERC Proceedings (p. 4). Sacramento, CA.
Paiva, F., Glenn, J., Mazidi, K., Talbot, R.M., Wylie, R., Chi, M.T.H., Dutilly, E., Helding, B., Lin, M., Trickett, S., and Nielsen, R.D. (2014). Comprehension SEEDING: Comprehension through self-explanation, enhanced discussion, and inquiry generation. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Honolulu, Hawaii. June 4-9, 2014.
Talbot, R.M. (2011). Embedding content into an instrument designed to measure science and mathematics teachers’ strategic knowledge: A challenge for validity. Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education. October 17-20, 2011.


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